Dreams and longing in the Nordics



This year, Nordic Literature Week invites children and adults to read-aloud events with dreams and longing as the theme. Recent times have been marked by increased distance and closed borders, but if there is one thing that has united people across national borders, it is dreams and longing. What we dream about and long for may differ infinitely, but the emotions are universal. Literature has always been able to help us dream away, something that may have been especially important during the pandemic. That is why Nordic Literature Week this year invites conversations about dreams and longing.


Dreams and longing in this year's read-aloud books

In this year's read-aloud books, dreams and longing are central themes. During Kura dawn, the children will read the Pearl Fisher by Karin Erlandsson. In this book, which has been nominated for the Nordic Council Children and Young People's Literature Prize, we get to follow Miranda in the hunt for the eye gemstone. According to legend, whoever finds this gem will never have to long for anything again.

For Evening dusk, the chosen book is Katrina by Sally Salminen. In this classic, we get to know the young Katrina who is lured into marriage by a poor sailor who promises her an affluent life on Åland. When Katrina accompanies him to the Åland he has described so beautifully, the reality turns out to be much less romantic. The story of Katrina's life is a strong depiction of a woman's fate that over the years has been read and loved by many.

Åland 100

This year, the selected books are from Åland, to draw attention to the centenary celebrations of Åland's self-government. The anniversary year begins on June 9 2021 and lasts for an entire year. During week 46, Nordic Literature Week will be part of the celebrations, as books and authors related to Åland will be read in and outside of the Nordic region.

As usual, Nordic Literature Week is held in November, when it is at its darkest in our countries. The basic idea behind Nordic Literature Week is simple: to light a candle and read a book together. We hope that this year's literature week will create engagement among the audience and attract continued activities in connection with the reading aloud events.


The texts will be published on the website during the autumn.