If you meet a bear


 - Malin Kivelä & Martin Glaz Serup 


If you meet a bear is a brilliant example of a Nordic picture book collaboration. Danish Martin Glaz Serup and Finnish-Swedish Malin Kivelä are responsible for the text and Finnish-Swedish Linda Bondestam for the illustrations. With a great dose of warm humor, the picture book explores the question of what to do if you meet a bear. In this story, we follow a character on a forest trip, but the real main character is the bear. The encounter between man and bear is portrayed in playful seriousness and the story balances between facts and entertainment. There is no point in running because the bear is faster than you. Do not shout, but feel free to talk about the weather with the bear or tell a joke. You probably also draw better than the bear. The book is nominated for the Nordic Council's Children and Young Peoples' Literature Prize 2022.

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